Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Shocks

I absolutely positively 100% never get sick of lights at night. Something so beautiful about a dark sky lit up by a hot pink neon or a collection of white bulbs spelling out a word... GIRLS! I went to Tunisia once. About 8 hours south of Tunis. A town called Douz. Along that drive there were long stretches of pitch darkness. No street lights, very few cars along the road and there were definitely no Dunkin' Donut /Subway combo truck stops. Black. Black. Black. And then bam - every other hour or so, a little stucco hut by the side of the road lit up by one long strip of blue green fluorescent tubing. Like a little bolt of lighting across that black sky. It was so beautiful. I always thought it would be great to have a party outside underneath a tent of lights. The round white bulbs on wires criss crossing from one tree branch to another, lighting up the night sky. Like in the old black and white Italian movies from the 50's.


Anonymous said...

me too! it's one of the few things i look forward to with the holidays. it's also the only thing of beauty i found in vegas. neon baby!

Olive said...

i love lights at night as your shots Miss B