Sunday, January 17, 2010

Architecture 101- 2

OK so this building is a little suspect. But once again its all about the windows. I can imagine the corner apartments are pretty great. Two massive windows are always better than one. Now the building on a whole - not so sure about. Could be great but could be cheesy. First of all its on the avenue. And most times thats not so great. Secondly - whats up with the blue "art glass" insets in the windows? I hate it when designers feel the need to point arrows - like-"Hey! Over here... We are artists. We are different. Your not totally giving in to the establishment by living here". When in reality its just the opposite. Thirdly - what's happening up on the roof? No clue. To soon to tell but sadly - because of the blued out window panes I fear for the worst. We'll see but for now those ginormouse windows are holding it all together.

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